A New project: Youtube Channel

Drumroll please........................

Starting next week I will be posting a video every Tuesday of tips and tricks on how to make home recordings better. Here's a link to the channel: Steph Durwin Recording. Let me explain a little bit...

When I first asked myself the question, "What would I do every day for the rest of my life if money was irrelevant?", I found it difficult to answer. I think society, or at least the majority of people in my world growing up, taught me to be "realistic". And while there is a huge part of me that defaults to "realistic" thinking, there is an equally big part that feels excited to take risks and follow pipe dreams to the ocean. Recording engineering was one of these pipe dreams. And I followed that dream to reality, continue to learn and improve in the field, and can say with pride that I set myself up to achieve that goal.

But the luxury of fulfilling those types of goals comes in different forms and it doesn't always display in direct ways. For many artists, musicians, and songwriters, they have other interests that they pursue or they have other responsibilities that take time and energy. In some ways this is good because that means they have the depth of personal experience that presents in their songs/art/what have you. But the idea of going to recording school or music school isn't in the plans, by choice or by circumstance. 

I had (and have) a lot of help along my path in my studies. I have wonderful mentors and peers to push me and teach me and philosophize with me. And yet, there's the part of me that knows that this connection with fellow engineers, musicians, aspiring engineers, and aspiring musicians is a consequence of paying a shit load of money to go to school and dedicating the majority of my time to learning this craft.

And so when I think back to the question that sparked this blog post, "What would I do every day for the rest of my life if money was irrelevant?" I realized I want to be a resource to those artists, musicians, songwriters who were in my same shoes 10 years ago, when I was recording my songs at home and wanted to make them sound better. That is why, starting next week, I'll be creating a video series sharing some tips and tricks to make your recordings better. 

These tips and tricks won't be about gear necessarily, although the topic of gear is bound to come up I'm sure. These videos will ask you to consider the choices you make in the recording process to help get you closer to the sound you imagine. We will talk about the philosophies that make extraordinary records! We will walk down a few technical roads so that you have a deeper understanding of what your tools can do and then apply them in whatever way you want. And of course, I will be by your side (virtually) in case you have specific questions about what we discuss.

The videos will be posted weekly to my YouTube channel, StephDurwinRecording every Tuesday. In addition, I'll be posting transcripts/overviews of the videos here on my blog. I hope you stop by, give me some feedback, and feel comfortable asking questions. I'm so excited to get started!

All the best,